We are a group of men who are trying to get serious about raising up disciples who raise up disciples. We call those guys disciplemakers. This is an issue for the Church on the whole as we have done a good job of making disciples but struggle to make disciplemakers. This ministry of disciple making is the missing longing for many of us and we don’t even know it. Many men’s group meet week after week and encourage one another and that is awesome. But many of us wonder what the purpose of the group is. We long for a band of brothers, but a band of brothers that is having an impact for the Kingdom. We are looking for a legacy. Discipleship is that legacy. This is not just for the clergy, though they are definitely invited to our circle. But this ministry is geared for the regular guy. There is an old preacher saying, “Some guys are paid to be good, some guys are good for nothing.” That’s us– good for nothing but impacting the world for Christ in our families, our community and our workplace. We get our marching orders from the Great Commission.

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