How Long Does it Take to Raise Up a Fourth Generation?

by the Howitzer

What if I told you that it might take a decade before you saw a 4th generation in your discipleship ministry? Would that be a deal breaker for you?

What if I told you that some guys that you invested a lot of time in would never raise up a third generation? Let alone a fourth. Would you stop meeting with them?

Disciple-making is a lot like fishing. A good day of fishing may or may not include catching a fish. A real fisherman loves the process. He loves to read the water. Loves getting in the boat or into his waders. Loves the wind and water. But still understands that the goal is catching fish. Lots of them!

A disciple-maker is the same. He loves meeting with guys and encouraging and challenging and hanging out. But he also understand the goal is bigger than a cup of coffee. The goal is raising ip faithful men who will be able and willing to teach others also.

But a decade? Really? Took Jesus (1st generation) three years to raise up the disciples (2nd generation). And I hear He was pretty good at it.

Tim Howington. Follower of Jesus. Husband to Terri. Dad to to Josh. Wanna be writer. Bird Watcher. Novice Fly Fisherman. Discipler of Men. Some people call me the Howitzer.

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