Concept 4: Quiet Time

Concept 4: Quiet Time

The world revolves around relationships.  Sometimes we get confused and lose sight of the relational aspects and focus on the myriad of things to be done.  We have become a culture of the To-Do list.  Tasks and goals begin to win out over friends and family.  What a tragedy.

Unfortunately, our relationship with God is subject to the same pressures.  We focus on what God wants us to do rather than what He wants us to be.  We get caught up in serving God rather than knowing God.  J.I. Packer has said it well, “We know a lot about God, but we don’t know God.”  How do we change this around?  A simple solution is the daily Quiet Time.

This one habit can make the difference in you living a fulfilling Christian life, where you are increasingly becoming more like God and growing in your relationship with Him.  It has been said that we become like that which we worship.  In our daily time with God we worship Him and become like Him.  Relationships are built around time with another person.  Learn to spend time with God and you will never be the same.

Discussion Question: 

What is the purpose of the Quiet Time?  Talk through what it looks like.

One Thing is Needed

Luke 10:38-42

Knowing God

Jeremiah 9:23-24

Goal of Paul

Philippians 3:7-11

Content of the Quiet Time

2 Timothy 3:16-17 (John 15:7)

Example of Jesus

Mark 1:35 (Luke 5:16)

Seeking God

Jeremiah 29:11-13

Goal of Life

John 17:3 

If you could learn only one discipline of the Christian life, the hands down choice would be the Quiet Time.  No other use of your time is more significant.   Life flows from time with God.  But beware the QT is not the end but rather the means to the end: knowing God.  Do not be committed to the method but to the Master.

Memorize John 17:3

Quiet time Projects

We have included some practical projects to launch you with your quiet time with the Lord. A systematic approach with the Scriptures will aid in your time with the Lord. We would recommend that you spend some time every day. It might look like this.

Opening prayer: ask the Lord for guidance as you read the Word of God. You also might spend some time in confession of any sin you might have committed. With a clean slate before the Lord launch into your reading.

Reading: read completely through a chapter (or maybe just a paragraph or two), underlining, or highlighting versus that you like.

Meditating: after you have read the whole chapter come back and think about the specific versus you liked. Why did you like them? How do they affect you? Is there something you should do because of them? The Scriptures were not given to just increase our knowledge base but to change our lives.

Write down your key verse and why you liked it: You should get a Journal to write what God is teaching you. This could be as simple as a spiral notebook. Use this for your quiet time and sermon notes at church or in meeting with your mentor.

Pray using the ACTS method

Adoration: praise the Lord for who He is

Confession: confess any sin the Lord may have brought to mind

Thanksgiving: thankful for specific things he has blessed you with

Supplication: this is another word for asking Him for things. Pray for your day. Pray for your needs. Pray for other people and their needs.

Suggested Reading Schedule

24 days with Jesus- Luke

28 days with the Disciples- Acts

Sermon on the Mount- Matthew 5, 6, 7

The Road to Wisdom- Proverbs

From the Beginning- Genesis Hearts Cry- Psalms

Example Journal Entry (Fill in)



Favorite Verse

Why I like it

What should I do?

Download the Follow Thru tool here.

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