Romans 12:2

by Trey Shearin

Every year, tens of thousands of Salmon swim back upstream to where they were born. They spawn there and then most die because of the journey. They leave their salt water habitat to return to fresh water. Some up to 1,000 miles. Why? Because their eggs will hatch better. 100s of fish in ocean would eat their eggs, tides won’t pull their nests out and disrupt the eggs, or many other ecosystem issues. But, What drives them to sacrifice their life to reproduce? We don’t know.

In Romans 12.2 Paul gives us a command. 

“Do not conform any to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is, His good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Romans 12:2

Transformation comes from our minds being renewed. Renewed from how we….. think, respond to our emotions, react to life change, measure success, view people, do our job, eat, spend money, vacation, buy a house, clothes we wear, raise our kids and on and on.

Our minds are in a constant battle with the pattern of the World. Now with so much information, marketing, politics, social media etc.There is no neutral ground. We are being pulled to the World.

Some believe Salmon are pulled back to their birth place by an electromagnetic field from the earth. Like a GPS device they instinctively have embedded in their brain pulling them to their birthplace. 

As believers we have a compelling drive in us to lay down our lives for others and reproduce this Jesus life into others. We will die trying. Jesus life does that to you. If a person doesn’t have this compelling drive, you probably don’t have Jesus life in you. Ouch. 

As we live this Jesus life out, we should constantly become aware of where our thinking needs to be renewed. The world and Satan are trying to keep us from transforming and laying down our life to reproduce.  

It’s easier to not invest in the life of others. Its messy to invest in others. We will get rejected when we invest in others. We will get betrayed. Accused of being too narrow. I had a pastor I worked with several years ago tell me, “All you think about is discipleship” my response, “You’re right”.  Needless to say, we didn’t continue our partnership.

I encourage you to continue to evaluate your thinking based on God’s Word. Heb 5.14 says “by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil” Thats renewing of the mind. Action based, living out God’s Word, then we are able to discern God’s Will. 

Like Marshawn Lynch says “bout that action boss”. He didn’t want to talk to reporters. He wanted to demonstrate on the field. American Christianity has programmed us to be more information based than action. Transformation comes with Kingdom Action.

A Life of Action is swimming Upstream. Paul said his life was being poured out. Jesus gave his life to reproduce. It will cost us to be transformed and reproduce.  But, we must be action based to transform or we will be passive and conform to the world.

Trey Shearin– Married to Cynthia, Our four sons Brad (Megan and sweet Elliotte) Marel, Howie and Asa. A Jesus guy. Football fan. BBQ novice. RV park owner.

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