New Disciplemaker Study

by Tim Howington

We have been working on a new study we affectionally call a Disciplemaker Group. The premise is this- once you have established someone in their faith and they are ready to begin to impact others, what do you train them in. To be honest in my 30+ years of discipling men, I have never taken the time to write down what I like to do in this area. This is my first attempt, and we are field testing it this fall with some guys who just completed at Discipleship Group in the Spring.

The focus is to help them identify and begin to disciple men. It is focused on helping them establish young believers in the faith. We are developing a Disciplemaker study that will focus on equipping disciplemakers to equip others. That will probably debut this fall sometime.

Here is the table of contents for the Disciplemaker Group: Make a Disciple

How to make a Disciple

Welcome to an exclusive group- the Disciplemaker Club.  Jesus says the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers (disciplemakers) are few (Matthew 9:35-38).  The reason they are few is that this is hard work.  It would be a lot easier to just focus on your own faith, your own family, and your own interests.  But Jesus has called us to be involved in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).  He says- Go Make Disciples.  Someone who does that is called a Disciplemaker.  Disciplemakers have embarked on the most rewarding and difficult journey of their lives.

Read more: New Disciplemaker Study

The process of disciplemaking can be divided into 3 distinct seasons:  evangelism, establishing, and equipping.  The outcome of evangelism is new believers.  The outcome of establishing is maturing disciples.  The outcome of equipping is disciplemakers.  This study is focused on the establishing process. 

We have identified several ideas that we think will help you as you establish believers in their faith and help them move towards being a disciple of Jesus. We also want to expose you to Robert Coleman’s classic discipleship work entitled The Master Plan of Evangelism.


Concept 1: Do you want to be a Disciplemaker?

Concept 2: Do you have an Establishing Plan?

Concept 3: Key to get Someone to Disciple- Pray

Concept 4: Key to get Someone to Disciple- Share the Gospel

Concept 5: Key to get Someone to Disciple – Share the Vision

Concept 6: The Ministry of Establishing

Concept 7: Sowing Broadly

Concept 8: The Goal- Reach the World for Christ

The Master Plan of Evangelism (Read Chapter # with Concept #)

Chapter 1. Selection

Chapter 2. Association

Chapter 3. Consecration

Chapter 4. Impartation

Chapter 5. Demonstration

Chapter 6. Delegation

Chapter 7. Supervision

Chapter 8. Reproduction

Click HERE to get a copy

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